Sealcoat Project

You may have seen the maps RCI posted in your buildings regarding the seal coat project beginning this month. RCI will have employees directing traffic during the day, volunteers are also welcomed. Sidewalks will be opened, but please do not step onto the street. Work on the first day of each colored section may be from 7AM to 5PM. During the night we will have cones to direct your path. I highly recommend contacting RCI front office before any move-ins/out, deliveries, and/or contractor work during those two weeks.

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Important dates to remember:

Thursday, November 7th – Rose Paving will begin addressing certain areas around the roadway that require “heavy asphalt work”. They will be here from 7AM until 5PM that day. Although roads will not be closed, there will be construction at various points on the roadway – plan accordingly. There will be 9 total sections this day. The majority will be on the west side of the roadway.

Tuesday, November 12 and 13th Orange section – The entryway will be closed. The roadway from the entry up to building 23 will be closed. Work will begin at 7AM. There will be some loud noises on this first days as they prepare the road, for each section.

Thursday, November 14 and 15th Blue sectionThe road will be closed from Building 23 to the west side of Building 29. Work will begin at 7AM.

Tuesday, November 19 and 20th Yellow section – The road will be closed starting at 7AM, from the west side of Building 29 to Building 33. Residents in Associations VI and VII will not be able to enter/exit the garages for these two days. RCI will reserve the parking areas in the green section, exclusively for those residents in those two Associations. Other residents may be towed.

Thursday, November 21 and 22nd Green Section – The exit roadway will be closed, starting at 7AM. The roadway from the exit to Building 33 and leading up to the upper parking lot will be closed.

Please plan accordingly. Some residents may be required to cut through a garage. If so, please drive slowly and remember to watch for any pedestrians that may be crossing. Thank you for your patience