7850 (bldg-32) and 7840 (bldg-33) E. Camelback Rd.

Scottsdale, Az. 85251

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Association VII Forms and Applications

Contractor Application Form               For renovations or remodeling

           Emergency Contact Form                      List of contacts in case of emergency

Association VII Information

CC & Rs                                                                              Woodshop Policy

By-Laws                                                                                        Lease Form

Amendments/Resolutions                                                      2018 Budget

 Articles of Incorporation                              Current Financial Statement

 Age Disclaimer                                            Shadows/RCI Legal Structure

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Below you will find insurance certificates reflecting the coverage (Master Policy)maintained by RCI and the  Individual Associations. This coverage does not extend to your Unit or property contained therein. YOU SHOULD, if you are an owner, maintain an adequate homeowners policy to cover your property and liability issues that may arise.  If you are a renter, you should maintain a renter's policy for the same reasons

While the Associations do not require you to maintain your own insurance, you would be foolish not to and could suffer monetarily, if you do not.

If you have any questions concerning the MASTER POLICY you may call our insurance Broker

The Mahoney Group

 LeAnn Brum  (623-215-1300)

Audra Gambill (623-215-1341)

Maintain Your Own Coverage for Your Own Protection

Insurance Certificate

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Member at Large/Remodel Project

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Michael Brooke

Michael Brooke

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