Recreational Center, Inc. (RCI) is the Management Company for each of the seven Regimes within Scottsdale Shadows, with responsibilities and duties as outlined in the Management Agreements between RCI and each Regime.

Note: RCI should not be confused with the Timeshare Company of similar name

RCI owns all of the Common Areas, roadways, building 20 (administration and Community Center), pools, tennis courts, golf course, outside parking areas and the like. The Regimes own their respective buildings and the Common Elements (areas common to all residents living in the Regime buildings). The Regimes own the grounds 10 feet from their respective buildings, RCI owns all other areas.

All employees performing services on behalf of RCI, are RCI employees, not employees of the Regimes. They may, however perform services for the Regimes in accordance with the Management Contract RCI has with the Regimes, and they are tasked with maintaining all RCI owner property. Neither RCI, nor its employees provide services directly to or for any Resident, except as may be required in case of an emergency.




  The General Manager is directly responsible only to the RCI Board of Directors, and is in charge both of the Scottsdale Shadows physical site, as well as all employees. The General Manager has the sole authority (unless delegated otherwise) to hire and fire, and in addition, determines the need for and authorizes all repairs, upgrades and improvements within the scope of the annual budget. The General Manager reports directly to the RCI Board of Directors and carries out the wishes and direction of the Board on certain issues with a great deal of latitude and discretion. All purchase orders and Department expenditures must be approved by the General Manager.




 The Community Service Department is solely responsible for manning the Gatehouse 24/7/365. There are three 8 hr. shifts. After the RCI offices close, Community Service Officers answer all calls from Residents concerning Maintenance or other problems that may occur during the hours when the RCI offices are closed and on weekends and holidays.

Community Service Officers will provide a day pass to every auto entering the non-resident side of the Gate, as well as register all information pertaining to all vehicles entering the non-Resident side of the Gate. The Officers will also register Contractors, Brokers and other authorized visitors when the Registration & Records Office is closed and issue other passes when necessary. 



The Maintenance Department consists of a Maintenance Office (located at the lower portion of the Administration building) and a staff of maintenance personnel. The Office receives phone calls from Residents, Vendors, Workers, and others, and maintains all records pertaining to work requested, performed and completed.

The Maintenance Staff is under the supervision of the Maintenance Supervisor, and carry out their duties and responsibilities in priority as set forth by the Supervisor and General Manager.

Maintenance Department responsibilities cover maintaining, repairing and upgrading RCI property, as well as carrying out its responsibilities under the Management Agreements with the respective Regimes.  The Maintenance Department DOES NOT provide services to individual Residents or their Units (except in cases of emergency) when Maintenance personnel may attempt to alleviate a situation until appropriate help can arrive as ordered by the Unit Owner.




The Custodial Department consists of a Supervisor and housekeeping staff. The primary function of this Department is to provide services to the Regimes as set forth in the Management Agreements, as well as maintain cleanliness of all RCI offices, other rooms, and buildings. In addition, this staff sets up the various rooms such as the Lounge, Pima Room, Navajo Room, and the like for the various functions scheduled to take place.




The Groundskeeping department is charged with the responsibility of maintaining the grounds of our Community. They maintain the golf course, RCI and Regime areas, trim trees, seed areas, plant and maintain the shrubs and flowers, and help to maintain the sprinkler and water systems throughout the property. The staff is headed by a Supervisor. Given the acerage of our Community, this staff is always busy, and does a masterful job as can be seen as you view the Community from either the inside, or outside the fence.




 The Administration Department currently consists of the following employees:

               Front Desk/Records and Registration


               Activities Director


     The Front Desk receives all phone calls directed to Scottsdale Shadows or RCI, directing them to the appropriate Department for response and greets all those who enter the administration office, whether resident, guest, contractor or otherwise.

    The Bookeeper, together with the Controller,  maintain all of the daily and other financial records of RCI (receipts and expenses) and the 7 Regimes (except those specifically maintained by the Regimes. 

   The Controller, In addition to other duties, is the Financial Officer of RCI and is responsible for overseeing all financial record keeping and data.  The Controller also monitors the budgets of each Department making certain that expenses are within budget. This Deprtment also maintains the operating accounts for each Regime into which the monthly assessments are deposited, and pays Regime bills in accordance with instructions from the Regimes.





The Activities Department consists of an Activities Director, and a number of Resident Volunteers.

The primary purpose of the Deparment is to develop and provide all Resident activities taking

place either within the Shadows or at outside venues. The Activities scheduled by this Department are listed in the Scottsdale Shadows monthly Newsletter and through bulletins posted in and around the Community. Internal activities

include, among others,  game days and evenings, movies, breakfasts, electronic bingo nights,

Mah Jong, exercise classes, special events and many other activities.

In addition to activities that take place within the Community, the Activities Office also makes outside activities available such as ball games, shows, casino visits, restaurant outings,

together with many other special events.  The Office is also in charge of the Mon., Wed. Fri.

Bus, as well as the Gymnasiums and Library. For more detailed information on upcoming or

past events look at the newsletters posted on this web site.




The Records & Registration Department (part of the Administration Department) is responsible for maintaining all records, sales, rentals, together with all other information that must be maintained on behalf of RCI and the Regimes (when asked by the Regimes). The Department maintains the databases for all such records, making such information available to authorized staff, issues Bar Codes for automobiles, Resident I.D's, guest passes, contractor passes. Brokers, contractors and vendors must register in this office, and work to be performed in any Unit in any building must be registered through this office, with appropriate permits issued when required by a Regime.

This Office works closely with the Gatehouse, to monitor those entering the community, as well as helping to enforce requirements such as padding elevators for deliveries, moves-in's and out's, and contracting work. The Office collects required fees associated with moves, sales, leases, and provides title companies with necessary documentation to complete sales and purchases. All paperwork associated with sales, leases, contractors and brokers must be filed with this office.

In addition catering to Regime needs when appropriate, this office assists the General Manager and all other Departments when asked.

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