Frequently Asked Questions

There are 838 individual Units

Air Conditioning, Heat, water, Garbage Pickup and all Amenities (You pay your electric bill for plug-ins and the electricity used by the blower motors for air

No – but it is available at your cost as is High Speed Internet access

Each Association has separate rules

There are washers and dryers on the 2nd and 5th floors of the buildings, except for 30 and 31, which are located on the basement level. The newer buildings 29-33, have washers and dryers in most units. Buildings 21-27 do not permit any further installation of washers and dryers. The reason for this is that the slightly older buildings were neither plumbed nor vented for washers and dryers. There are, however washers and dryers on the 2nd and 5th floors of the buildings. Association II (bldgs. 22 & 23) do not permit washers or dryers under any conditions. If they are in a Unit they will have to be removed.

Each owner owns at least 1 underground parking spot. Larger Units may have 2. There is plenty of additional parking for residents and guests

Owners and their authorized, registered guests except that no one under the age of 16 can use the amenities unless accompanied by an adult – no one under 18 may use the men’s or woman’s fitness centers unless accompanied by an adult

Call the Registration & Records Office 480-994-2063 or 2074 for move-in’s and move out’s. For sales and rentals you will have to call an independent broker of your choice

Yes but call the Registration & Records Department for Association Rules & Requirements

Yes – Each Association has different rules and restrictions. Please use the appropriate Contractor Form on the Forms and Rules page

No, however it is highly recommended in case of emergency

No – only to owners or legal tenants or persons on your emergency list

No – The RCI staff, except in case of emergency, will not provide personal service to residents

RCI stands for Recreational Center, Inc. (not the time share company). RCI owns all of the Common Areas in Scottsdale Shadows and is the management company for each of the Associations

Yes – there is a 24/7/365 live gatehouse

You must notify the gatehouse in advance and if anything large is being delivered, the gatehouse must be notified at least 24 hours in advance so that the elevators can be padded. No deliveries, except for emergency supplies, are permitted on Sunday or Holidays

They may be brought in during the day but cannot be parked over-night

No, however you are urged to do so to protect yourself against claims for damage and/or personal injury caused by you to others, or by others to you or your property

There is one road throughout the community. Maximum speed is 15 MPH and it is ONE WAY. There are no cut-through any of the garages

The Owner is always responsible for their violations and violations by tenants and guests