Frequently Asked Questions for Purchaser

All of the units in our community are privately owned. Our staff does not get involved in the sale of the units, and anyone wishing to purchase must deal directly with the seller of the unit or a broker. This website contains information pertaining to the community, and most of your questions will be answered by browsing through the pages of the site. In addition to the FAQ section of the site where many questions are answered, the following represent the most frequent inquiries about ownership in Scottsdale Shadows.

The monthly maintenance fees include air conditioning, heat, water, garbage pickup
and the use of the amenities. It does not include the cost for plug-ins (anything that
you plug into a socket in your unit). In addition, there is an air handler in each unit and
you pay for the electricity consumed by the air handler (basically a series of blower
motors). These are billed separately by APS. The electric bill you receive is relatively
low because of what is included in the maintenance fees.

A 9 hole (par 3) executive Golf Course- no tee times required
2 Tennis Courts
3 swimming pools; 1, 2 and 3 (Pool 3 is enclosed in a retractible building)
Jacuzzis at pool 1 and 3
Barbecues at all 3 pools
Men’s and Woman’s workout rooms (each with sauna and showers) Non Co-Ed
Art Room
Ceramics room with kiln
Wood Shop
Library with computers (internet accessible) wireless network in immediate area of library
Card Rooms
Lounge with 62″ DLP TV and 100″ projection system (serves as a meeting room as well
Navajo room with 2 pool tables, ping pong table, TV and sound system (serves as
meeting room)
Regularly scheduled and special activities
Other amenities and programs

There are 7 Regimes (HOA’s) in Scottsdale Shadows. Each Regime is a separate not-for-profit
HOA. Each has its own Board of Directors that governs that Regime. RCI (not the time share
company) owns all of the common areas (tennis courts, golf course, pools, roadway, etc) and
acts as the management company to each of the Regimes. RCI has a budget that is paid for
proportionately by the Regimes in accordance with the Regime’s percentage of ownership in the
Community, and each of the Regimes has its own budget. The combined RCI and Regime budgets
constitute the annual budget for that Regime. The maintenance fees for each unit represent
that unit owner’s proportionate share of the Regime budget for that year, based upon the
owner’s percentage of ownership in that Regime.

No they are not when you consider what they include (as stated above) and the nature of the
community. There is no other community that offers the combination of amenities offered at
Scottsdale Shadows. Even without these amenities, if you extract from the total monthly fee, the
sums included for air conditioning, heat, water and garbage pickup you will find that the
maintenance fees are quite low for a community of this nature and compare favorably with not
only other HOA’s that offer very little but also with rentals in rental communities.

You will have to call your broker to determine if the Regime is so qualified.

Every new owner must maintain on deposit, until that owner sells the Unit, an amount
equivalent to 6 months current maintenance fees (the monthly fee at the time of purchase).
This fee is returned when you sell your unit and represents an adjustment at closing, If all monthly
fees are current.
This Impound Fee is required by all Regimes and may not be waived.

The answer is YES. There are RCI rules and regulations that govern the entire community
and then there are specific Regime Rules and Regulations. Each Regime is governed by its
own set of documents including Articles of Incorporation, CC&R’s, By-Laws, Rules and
Regulations and amendments. You should familiarize yourself with the content of these
documents (all of which appear on this website under this menu tab-merely scroll down
to the information for the particular Regime).

No One is allowed into the community without proper authorization. See Move-Ins
and Move-Outs below

You may rent your unit, however each Regime has different rules and fees that apply
to rentals, so familiarize yourself with the rules and fees that will apply to you.

Once again there are some Regimes that allow pets, others that do not, and some under
certain conditions. If you have any questions about pets, ask your broker to find out
the answer from the Regime President or Administrator.

There are washers and dryers on the 2nd and 5th floors of the buildings, except for 30 and 31, which are located on the basement level. The newer buildings 29-33, have washers and dryers in most units. Buildings 21-27 do not permit any further installation of washers and dryers. The reason for this is that the slightly older buildings were neither plumbed nor vented for washers and dryers. There are, however washers and dryers on the 2nd and 5th floors of the buildings. Association II (bldgs. 22 & 23) do not permit washers or dryers under any conditions. If they are in a Unit they will have to be removed.

Cable and internet access are available but you must make your own arrangements with
Cox or Dish Network (if you face south), for service activation and connection and this,
including the monthly fees are at your cost and expense. The Regime does not provide
these services.

Storage facilities in the Regime buildings are owned by the Regimes and constitute
Common Elements. They are assigned by the Regime and do not get transferred with the
sale of the property. Technically they revert back to the Regime for re-assignment. Some
Regimes provide a storage unit with each residential unit, however your broker should
inquire about the unit you may be considering purchasing.

Call the Registration & Records Office 480-994-2063 or 2074 for move-in’s and move out’s, and deliveries

NO. Neither the Regime nor RCI carry insurance coverage on your Unit. The Regime carries
insurance to cover the Regime common elements, including the buildings. If you are an
Owner, you are encouraged to carry Homeowner’s Insurance. If a Tenant, you should
maintain a Tenant’s policy. If you want to see the coverage maintained by RCI and the
Regimes, look under the menu item REGIME PAGES

You should carry appropriate insurance for several reasons. If there is damage
to your Unit caused by the failure of a regime pipe (for example), then the Regime
would be responsible to repair the damage, but not replace items of personal property.
If, on the other hand, damage is caused to your Unit or property as a result of what
exists in your own Unit, pipes, electrical, or otherwise (not Regime Common elements),
then you are responsible for damage to your Unit and property as well as damage that
might be suffered by the Regime or another Unit Owner. In addition, there is also the
question of liability for injury to yourself, guests or others for which you could be held
responsible. It is unwise not to maintain adequate insurance coverage. This coverage
would be at your cost and expense.

When you close title, make certain that you obtain all of the necessary keys, not only
to your Unit, but also to the building, garage, and your mailbox. We do not supply
those keys. This is true for a Tenant as well. You must obtain the keys from your
Landlord. We do not provide keys to anyone, except the Owner, even if a set is left at
the gatehouse (we recommend this in case of an emergency).

We strongly urge you to view the various menu items on this website, if your broker does
not have an answer for you. Almost every question you may have will be answered somewhere
on this website.