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For the sake of online privacy, contacting board members and building administrators should be initiated through the RCI administration office: 

Mon-Fri:  7:30AM – 4:00PM


RCI Board of Directors 2020
Association I        Lawrence Smith   V.P       
Association II        Aaorn cohn   
Association III      Shirley Waldvogel
Association IV      John Walters  
Association V       Betty Sayers          Pres.   
Association VI      Judy Larson           
Association VII     Michael Brooke    
Treasurer              William Katz
Secretary              Margaret Vogan 
Alternatives to Board of Directors 2020
Assoc I      1st Alt    Lee Ann Blanco
Assoc I      2nd Alt    William Katz
Assoc II     1st Alt     Ken Yamguchi
Assoc II     2nd Alt    Mike yeater
Assoc III    1st Alt    Florence Richman
Assoc III    2nd Alt   Richard Kirschner 
Assoc IV    1st Alt    Bret Zahn
Assoc IV    2nd Alt    Pat Markus
Assoc V     1st Alt    Margaret Vogan
Assoc V     2nd Alt    Stuart Schwalb
Assoc VI    1st Alt    Jack Haydon
Assoc VI    2nd Alt    Eileen Monroe
Assoc VII   1st Alt    Mike Mohle
Assoc VII   2nd Alt    Sheila Broderick


The information contained in the PDF files below represent a wealth of information, not only for newly elected Board Members, but for those who have served previously. The topics covered are as follows: WHAT IS A COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION? BOARD MEMBER ROLES and RESPONSIBILITIES BOARD MEETINGS AMENDING ASSOCIATION DOCUMENTS/IMPLEMENTING  RENTAL RESTRICTIONS COLLECTING DELINQUENT ASSESSMENTS/CC&R ENFORCEMENT COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION RESOURCES THE TOP 10 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION LAW SPEEDING AND BARKING DOGS IN ASSOCIATIONS All of the information is reproduced on this website with the permission of the Mulcahy Law Firm and is contained in their ASSOCIATION CHEAT SHEETS (Copyright 2010 Mulcahy Law Firm). The information provides an extensive outline and review of what it means to be a member of a Board of Directors; the responsibilities and obligations in holding such a position; Association Documents and their legal effect and implementation and enforcement or amendment; how to enforce delinquencies; resources available to Board Members; Community Association Law highlights; how to deal with speeders and barking dogs; and Legislative bills that have been passed and are pending that affect Associations. It must be remembered that those who serve on Boards of Directors assume a Fiduciary Responsibility to those they serve and represent. This obligation should not and cannot be taken lightly, for as a member of a Board you make decisions that affect those you govern, with financial and other implications. The most important concept is when you serve others and are responsible for their welfare and the community in which they live, what may be to your benefit or good for you, may not be so for those you represent. Your obligation is not to yourself but to the homeowners and residents you serve.